Impact of your Donations

What does teaching kids about the mechanics of flight, the development of globally aware leaders, and the demonstration of reasoning skills through a friendly game of chess have in common? These are just some of the incredible outcomes of our partner organizations. Read on to understand the impact of your donations – remember, every dollar counts.

  • $7 per month provides access to an after-school chess club for a student for a year.
  • $20 will pay for a tutor to assist students with their homework for two hours.
  • $35 allows as many as five high school students to ''drop-in" and receive after school assistance with college application completion.
  • $50 a month will provide food for five days for ten families in crisis.
  • $100 will enroll two students in a scholarship writing workshop and campus tour.
  • $250 provides mentor training, and mentor/student matching, with five committed community mentors.
  • $500 enrolls 10 students in one scholarship writing workshop.
  • $1,500 awards one scholarship for a Mentor4Sucess student.