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Kimberlee Sheng,
Executive Director

Education Programs Advocacy, Strategic Direction and Community Relations

Why she loves the Black United Fund: I love the Black United Fund because the program offerings provide hope in numerous communities and sheds light on the common dreams that we all share for our children and families to reach their best and highest potential. Education as a catalyst for long term sustainable economic growth, is an empowering force that transcends popular culture and generations.

What you won't find on her resume: I am a wife and mother who is a fierce protector of my cubs; I also wield the superpower of Mac and Cheese. There is little I can’t get my family to do, if I bring homemade baked Mac and Cheese to the bargaining table.

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Marshawna Williams,
Education Program Coordinator

ACCESS Scholarship, Mentor4Success, College Fair, & Scholarship Writing Workshops

Why she loves the Black United Fund: As a recipient of the ACCESS Scholarship, I was given a great opportunity. I want to be able to do the same for other students in our community and help them to further their education. The Black United Fund allows me to bring what I have learned to the table to help grow the education programs. I am in an environment where I can truly be myself and put all of my efforts into a cause that I believe in, with full support and guidance.

What you won’t find on her resume: I am the oldest of five girls. I love to play volleyball, eat cereal and watch The Closer or Law & Order SVP.

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