Staff Contacts


Kimberlee Sheng,
Executive Director

Education Programs Advocacy, Strategic Direction, Community Relations

Why she loves the Black United Fund: I love the Black United Fund because the program offerings provide hope in numerous communities throughout Oregon. The Black United Fund sheds light on the common dreams that we all share for our children and families to reach their best and highest potential. Education as a catalyst for long term sustainable economic growth, is an empowering force that transcends popular culture and generations.

How she advances the mission of the Black United Fund: I am deeply committed to seeing individuals reach their potential. With this in mind I have worked locally, nationally, and globally; in Africa and Mexico toward the education advancement of women and youth. However, I was not a traditional student. As a working wife and mother, I earned by Bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Science and later went on to earn a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration on Global Leadership and Management. My life's work as an advocate and funder, while in pursuit of my on academic achievements, allows me to serve the community with passion and intention.

What you won't find on her resume: I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we have two children. I wield the superpower of Mac and Cheese. There is little I can’t get my family to do, if I bring homemade baked Mac and Cheese to the bargaining table.

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Symone Sparrow,
Education Specialist (Photo Coming Soon)

Writing Workshops, Mentor4Success, Scholarship Awards

Why she loves the Black United Fund: Education can be used as a tool to improve economic disparities for entire communities. Supporting the educational goals of students throughout Oregon and SW Washington provides students with the tools and support they need to succeed. Tools include a general knowledge of the college acceptance and attendance process, trustworthy mentorship, and accountability. I love that BUF strives to not only help students achieve their educational goals, but also to become well-rounded students and more importantly contributing community members.

How she advances the mission of the Black United Fund: I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of Oregon. Using my background in fundraising, marketing and public outreach I assist in building relationships with key community partners and education advocates so BUF can continue to provide resources to students advancing to college.

What you won't find on her resume: I am a fourth generation Portland native. My family has resided in the Boise-Elliot neighborhood in North Portland since the VanPort Flood in 1948. Most of my family attended and graduated from Jefferson High School…GO DEMOS!

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Jade Zoie Sheng,
Marketing Communications Associate

Social Media, Marketing Communications, Public Relations

Why she loves the Black United Fund: I come from a family that has instilled the importance of education as a tool of advancement and exponential returns to our community. The benefits of academic and experiential education are undeniable. It is beyond important that every student have access to a college education regardless of their background, culture, or economic standing. I love that BUF provides students with opportunities to achieve their goals; making dreams reality.

How she advances the mission of the Black United Fund:
With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, my background in social media, marketing and communications allows me to formally represent the Black United Fund. Through campaigns and also interacting directly with partners, grantees, and students I help to shape the organization's messaging. As a recent college student, I have perspective that allows me to connect with students and families on a wide range of education attainment matters.

What you won’t find on her resume:I am an enchilada enthusiast, who as a scholar, artist, athlete, attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco on a basketball scholarship. Although my focus sport throughout high school was basketball in my senior year, and only year of running, I won a state title in track and field.
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Marshawna Williams,
Education Workshop Facilitator

ACCESS Scholarship, College Fair, Scholarship Writing Workshops

Why she loves the Black United Fund: As a recipient of the ACCESS Scholarship, I was given a great opportunity. I want to be able to do the same for other students in our community and help them to further their education. The Black United Fund allows me to bring what I have learned to the table to help grow the education programs. I am in an environment where I can truly be myself and put all of my efforts into a cause that I believe in, with full support and guidance.

How she advances the mission of the Black United Fund:
I am a proud graduate of University of Portland with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing Management. I have served our community for numerous years advocating for youth education achievement. As a first generation college student, I understand the challenges facing young people in not just accessing but completing college.

What you won’t find on her resume: I am the oldest of five girls. I love to play volleyball, eat cereal and watch The Closer or Law & Order SVU.

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