Donation of Cash Gifts

Donation of Cash Gifts
Your support directly impacts the social and economic empowerment of Oregon's low-income communities. Below are examples of what your generous gift will do. Please consider making a donation today!

$20 – Covers a tutor to assist students with their homework for two hours.
$35 – A month will enroll a child in the Oregon Health Plan.
$100 – Covers two students for the scholarship writing workshop and campus tour
$240 – Provides classroom materials for a former inmate as she works her way out of the prison system towards being a self-sufficient, contributing member of society.
$500 – Provides one scholarship writing workshop for 25 students
$1000 – Provides one scholarship for a student who attends the college fair.
$5,000 – Provides 250 students transportation to the college fair.
$7,500 – Provides five Black United Fund scholarships
$10,000 – Provides ten scholarship writing workshops for 200 students

For more information contact Adrienne Livingston at or 503-282-7973.