Grants Programs


Through our grant making program, our goal is to improve social and economic conditions and increase opportunities in traditionally under-served communities. Once a year, we fund grant proposals of up to $5,000 (average grant size is between $1,500 - $3,500) to nonprofit organizations that are aligned with our mission. Grants can be used for project costs, program costs, or operating support.


Grants are made to non-profit organizations whose programs are consistent with BUFOR's funding criteria and whose grant request fall in the area of education as detailed below.

Black United Fund’s education focus will support agencies and organizations that:
• help students have a successful high school and/or higher education completion;
• work to close the achievement gap;
• ensure access to education;
• introduce youth to science, technology, engineering, arts, math and the medical field (STEAM);
• guide youth toward improving academic work and responsible citizenship; and
• encourage a college going culture among young people.

Through education we want to help eliminate the cycle of poverty.


The Black United Fund's board of directors, staff and grant evaluators use the following funding criteria to evaluate proposals and ultimately award grants during the decision-making process. Primary consideration for a grant from the Black United Fund is given to organizations that:
• Serve Oregon’s & SW Washington’s ethnically diverse communities, particularly the African-American community
• Demonstrate ethnic diversity among staff, board and its constituency
• Operate as a smaller, grassroots, community-based group (annual budget not to exceed $600,000)
• Have limited access to or difficulty raising funds due to cultural barriers or the organization's progressive work.
• Administer a culturally sensitive program methodology
• Provide programs that are supported by and relevant to the needs of the community
• Are located in disadvantaged communities in order to serve those communities
• Have a history of, or program staff experienced in working with diverse populations


To be eligible for a Black United Fund grant, an organization must:
• Be a non-profit organization with a 501©3 tax-exempt status from the IRS, or have arranged for grant administration by a fiscal sponsor. (Note: This cannot be the Black United Fund. Organizations can only act as fiscal sponsor for one organization)
• Be in compliance with terms outlined for previous BUFOR grants, e.g. have submitted all outstanding evaluation forms, agreed terms of service, and digital photos
• Carry out work in Oregon and SW Washington

The Black United Fund will not fund:
• Individuals, public institutions, or for-profit corporations
• Activities or items purchased that begin prior to grant BUFOR decisions
• An organization that has an annual operating budget that exceeds $600,000 (Note: If using a Fiscal Agent, their budget cannot exceed $600,000)
• Capital Campaigns
• Grant-making organizations
• Religious Programs
• Political campaigns, organizations, or candidates for public office
• Endowments
• Scholarships
• Luncheons, banquets, or dinners

Steps to Apply:

  1. Read our Grant Application and Guidelines below to determine whether your organization is consistent with our funding priorities, and contact Kimberlee Sheng at (503) 282-7973 or with questions.

  2. To start and complete online application click here.

    1. Submit online application including required attachments. Templates provided below. (Accepting applications from November 1 - January 15)

    2. Organizational Diversity Chart (Excel Document)

    3. Organizational Budget Template (Excel Document)

    4. Project Budget Template (Excel Document)
    5. Project Budget Template Sample (PDF Document)

    6. Board Roster (Excel Document)

    7. Median Family Income 2012 (PDF Document)

    8. Submit online proposal application packet with required attachments and narrative by January 15th by 11:59pm. Mailed, emailed, or faxed applications will not be considered.

  3. If you are a grant recipient and need to complete the evaluation of your project, please complete online.