Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Click here to access the Black United Fund of Oregon’s Sponsorship Request Form. 

BUF-OR Sponsorship Guidelines

The Black United Fund of Oregon (BUF-OR) provides accessible sponsorship support for events and activities hosted by grassroots initiatives, nonprofit organizations with 501(c)3 status, and organizations fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 organization whose work aligns with BUF-OR’s mission.

Requests from qualifying organizations can be made at any time throughout the year, and organizations are allowed to apply for sponsorships annually.

Sponsorship amounts usually range from $250-$1,500, but organizations can apply for any amount. BUF-OR then reviews requests, which may be denied, accepted, or awarded at a lower gift amount. BUF-OR regularly receives more requests than it is able to support, resulting in some requests being denied. This should not be viewed as a reflection of the merit of the project or request.

Sponsorship Application Process

Organizations seeking sponsorship are asked to complete a Request Form, which can be found on this page, once applications have opened.

Coinciding with BUF-OR’s fiscal year, applications are due and responded to on the following schedule. Organizations requesting sponsorship should plan their event/activity dates accordingly.

Sponsorship FAQ

What makes a good sponsorship candidate?

  • Organization’s mission or purpose aligns with BUF-OR’s
  • Events/activities provide a benefit to underserved community members
  • Priority given to BIPOC/Women-led and -serving organizations

How are sponsorship requests reviewed?

Sponsorship requests are reviewed by the Community Giving team and based on criteria set above under “good sponsorship candidate”. Due to the high volume of requests, some requests are approved, some are denied, and some are approved at a lower level than initially requested.

Following BUF-OR’s sponsorship review schedule, I have passed the application deadline aligning with my event date – can I receive my sponsorship award earlier?

We understand that timing can be difficult, and we want to ensure all who apply are reviewed fairly and equitably. If awarded, we always do our best to notify and send checks out as quickly as possible. However, with respect to all applicants, we cannot make special accommodations and award anyone before the set deadlines.

The “Notification of Decision” date for my application has passed, but I have not heard back yet – what should I do?

Questions regarding sponsorship or the application process can be directed to: Melissa Slanetz, Community Giving & Volunteer Services Manager, melissa@bufor.org.

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